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of Trinidad Coffee


Bringing the artistry and craftsmanship of coffee roasting into the practical business realm of our clients

As all master chefs will attest, creating a culinary masterpiece begins with selecting the finest ingredients available. Our never-ending search for the finest coffees that each origin has to offer spans the entire globe. In order to purchase the highest quality green coffees, one must know what to look for - and we do. Of the hundreds upon hundreds of samples we evaluate year round, only a select few are purchased to roast for our clients.

The Bean

Blending & Roasting

Once our coffees have been acquired, we then transform these premium, estate-grown Arabica green beans into the masterfully roasted selections our clients have come to expect, drawing upon sensory skills honed and sharpened by decades of experience. 

The artisan side of coffee roasting is inexorably linked to the scientific side. As the coffee bean transforms from its raw green state into the final roasted bean, hundreds of chemical and physical reactions take place in the roasting drum. Understanding the rapid-fire endothermic processes, pyrolytic reactions,  exothermic processes, caramelization of sugars and so on, enables us to achieve harmony between art and science. 

The Skill


We strive to be more than a coffee roaster,

our goal is to be a purveyor of brewed perfection

Perfecting the Profile

Although we strive for perfection at each step of the production, ultimately we will be judged by what is poured into the customer's cup. With this in mind, we apply our skill, expertise, and passion beyond our factory walls. We develop custom-tailored brewing recipes, formulas and preparation procedures for clients to optimize the flavor profile of their coffees and espressos. We chart our clients' coffees according to strength ("soluble concentration") and extraction ("soluble yield"), two quantitative measurables directly correlating to the "quality of the brew." This is a perfect illustration of art and science playing harmonious roles in the creation of a desired flavor profile.

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