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Who We Are

Imagine the perfect cup of coffee. Whether a robust cup to invigorate the start of your day, or a mellow accompaniment to cap off a memorable dinner, the perfect coffee satisfies in a way like no other.


We realize that every client’s needs and wants are as unique as the business they operate. With impeccable skill and attention to detail, Trinidad Coffee Company has perfected the art of roasting exquisite coffees. We create

tailor-made beverage programs to reflect each client’s desired coffee profile. Which is why, world and locally renowned hotels, resorts, and restaurants, have entrusted Trinidad Coffee Company with the roasting and brewing of the coffee and espresso beverages they serve.


Each member of our team shares a common goal: to exceed our clients’ expectation with regard to the quality of our coffees and the level of our customer care. We are ever mindful that each sip is a reflection upon the clients we so proudly serve.

What We Do

What we strive to create every day are coffees and espressos that are signature and unique down to the finest detail.

We begin every relationship we form by learning what the client expects from their coffee and espresso, and transform this ideal into a rich and flavorful reality. Each element and characteristic is evaluated, including aroma, acidity, body, flavor and finish.


At every phase of our operations, we pour our skill, knowledge and desire into each and every endeavor. Whether sitting down one-on-one with a prospective client for a coffee tasting, developing a proprietary coffee brewing formula for a client, or calibrating brewing equipment with customized settings to produce the fine nuances that make our clients’ coffees so unique, Trinidad Coffee Company offers unparalleled expertise and commitment at every step of the way.



At Trinidad Coffee Company, we go to great lengths to deliver the finest coffees that money can buy. From our stringent green bean purchasing practices, to our equally rigorous quality control standards, from seed to cup we strive to craft coffees like no other.


There are no standards higher than the ones we set for ourselves and our clients are the direct beneficiaries of this commitment.
To us, being a coffee roaster means knowing our customers and knowing their expectations. We get involved because there are high standards to be met and we see the invaluable interaction between roaster and client as a mutual investment towards achieving brewed perfection.
We believe that there is always room for improvement; there is always more that can be learned and always more that can be done. These beliefs are applied in everything we do at Trinidad Coffee Company and the result for our clients is simple: coffees of uncommon quality and exceptional character, crafted with a scientist’s attention to detail and an artist’s soul.


We strive to source coffees that are grown, harvested and produced by workers that earn a sustainable living wage, and enjoy living conditions that most take for granted.
Buy Fair. Be Fair. Fair Trade
Choosing products with the Fair Trade label, like Trinidad Coffee, your day-to-day purchases can improve an entire community’s day-to-day lives.


We also seek and embrace coffees that promote biodiversity and ecological responsibility and are certified by the Rainforest Alliance!
The Rainforest Alliance is a growing network of people who are inspired and committed to working together to achieve our mission of conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. 
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