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of Trinidad Coffee

Art an Sci
Luxury high-quality premium coffee

The Bean

At Trinidad Coffee Company, we see ourselves as stewards, guiding our prized coffee beans on the final leg of their long journey, which starts as a seed in a distant land and ends in our customers’ cups.

Every roast we produce pays homage to the beans we put in the drum. We scour the globe in our never- ending search for the finest coffees each origin has to offer, and strive to unlock their prized characteristics for our growing community of coffee enthusiasts to enjoy.


The Challenge

Whether we are roasting for a world-renowned luxury hotel or our growing base of brew-at-home enthusiasts, our daily challenge is bringing the artistry and craftsmanship of Trinidad Coffee Company to the awaiting cups of our valued clients.

Expert blending of meticulously roasted coffee

The Artistry of
Blending & Roasting

To us, coffee roasting is art and science working together in perfect harmony, transforming premium green beans into masterfully roasted coffees. Drawing upon sensory skills honed and sharpened by decades of experience, our roasting team harnesses the power of scientific principles, infusing them with an artist’s spirit.

The artisan side of coffee roasting is intertwined with hundreds of physical and chemical reactions taking place in the roasting drum. Taming the rapid-fire endothermic processes, pyrolytic reactions, caramelization of sugars, and so on, to draw out delicate characteristics and develop exquisite flavors, requires a unique combination of technical skill and inspiration.

Complex process of master brewing for a perfect cup of coffee

Perfecting the Profile

Striving for perfection in the cup means striking a delicate balance between a roast that is technically sound and one that is truly inspired. We recognize that instruments like a spectrometer and moisture analyzer are vital tools of our trade, but ultimately, the difference between a good cup of coffee and one you’ll never forget, is a roaster’s experience and intuition.

Being a master roaster also means understanding the complexities of coffee brewing and the many variables that determine how a cup of coffee will turn out. Each batch we roast undergoes rigid quality control assessments, such as charting soluble concentration (“strength”) versus soluble yield (“extraction”), to provide a valuable backdrop against which to evaluate cup characteristics like acidity, body, and flavor.

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