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Our mini-satellite brewing systems are designed to brew from 1.9 liters (roughly 10-12 cups) to 2.5 liters (approx. 18 cups) of premium coffee at a time.


Ideal for groups or the a.m. coffee rush, these same systems have been placed in restaurant side-stations and hotel meeting rooms.


Coffee is brewed directly into a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel carafe or airpot, keeping your signature coffee fresh and at ideal serving temperature.



Automatic systems offer on-demand, bean-to-cup beverages at the touch of a button.  From the workplace early bird to the burner of midnight oil, these machines will grind freshly roasted beans and brew a perfect cup one serving at a time.


Programmable beverage buttons allow the option of brewing barista-caliber espressos with perfect crema, or an expertly brewed cup of premium coffee that will be the talk of the workplace.

See below for details.

One-Touch Operation

Easy-to-use operator interface to prepare drinks and perform daily self-cleaning functions


Workplace Espresso Bar

Barista Quality at Your Fingertips

•On-demand, perfectly extracted espressos at the touch of a single button

•Barista-quality espresso drinks without the hassle of standing in line at your neighborhood café

•Each espresso selection features Trinidad Coffee’s renowned espresso beans,  freshly ground to order, producing a rich, vibrant espresso with a beautiful crema

Customized Espresso Bar Menu

•Let us customize your workplace espresso bar menu options to perfectly suit your working environment

•Options include two drink sizes (from 8 oz. to 12 oz.) and up to nine drink offerings, plus hot water

•For a touch of luxury, premium vanilla and mocha beverages can be added to your workplace menu

•Reward your employees, boost workplace productivity and morale, and impress your visitors by offering true espresso bar drinks prepared to order, within minutes


Workplace Coffee Bar

Freshly Brewed Artisan Coffee

•At the touch of a button, Trinidad Coffee’s artisan-roasted coffee beans are freshly ground and brewed to SCAA Gold Cup standards

•Enjoy the quality of a premium, hand-poured coffee without the time and hassle

•Signature coffee beans are stored in large bean hoppers, allowing delicate flavor, body and aroma to be released on-demand

•Customizable brewing parameters include temperature, turbulence and extraction

•Enhance your workplace environment  by offering locally crafted, restaurant quality coffees like no other



Intuitive Touchscreen Operation

•Large 10” touchscreen guides the operator through drink selections

•Drink sizes range from a 6-oz cup to a 64-oz carafe for groups and meetings

•Step-by-step guide for daily cleaning and routine maintenance included in touchscreen programming

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