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who we are
Trinidad Coffee Company's Fair Trade certified and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee


Roasters and Purveyors of Premium Coffees

Handcrafted artisan coffee beans

Who We Are

Imagine the perfect cup of coffee. Masterfully roasted with exquisite characteristics lovingly nurtured and impeccably balanced.

While preferences vary from one person to the next, the perfect cup of coffee satisfies in a way like no other, whether you prefer your beans roasted light or dark, or favor your brew French-pressed rather than hand-poured.

Since 1999, Trinidad Coffee Company has handcrafted artisan coffees from our boutique roastery in Southern California.

Here, we operate with a simple objective: to source the world’s finest beans, honor their unique attributes, and roast them to perfection to unlock the prized characteristics lying within.

Whether served at a luxury hotel or brewed in your kitchen, uncommon quality and exceptional character are the hallmarks of our coffees.

Two-barrel coffee sample roaster

What We Do

At Trinidad Coffee Company, we believe that each coffee we source has a story to tell.

There are subtle notes and distinguishing attributes that together create a unique flavor profile reflecting a coffee’s terroira sense of the place from which it comes – and our goal is to allow each of our roasts to speak for itself.

For over two decades, we have applied our skill and expertise to roasting signature coffees for renowned resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Working with executive and culinary teams, Trinidad Coffee Company has developed tailor-made coffee programs for hospitality and foodservice clients throughout the region and halfway around the globe.

The same passion for quality and consistency is applied to our growing lineup of at-home coffees, featuring extraordinary single-origin beans and exquisitely crafted blends.

Uncommon Quality
Exceptional Character

Just as a Michelin-starred chef seeks out the finest ingredients available to create culinary masterpieces, so too do we meticulously source the exquisite beans that will proudly bear the name Trinidad Coffee Company.

Whether it’s procuring a prized micro-lot or discovering a diamond in the rough, Trinidad Coffee employs the highest buying standards in our industry as a key step in our mission to craft coffees like no other.

Standards & Expectations

Trinidad Coffee Company signature premium Opus Series coffee
Whether we are evaluating green bean samples from all over the globe or a freshly roasted batch of coffee, there are no standards higher than those we set ourselves.

It is said that no less than a dozen pairs of hands touch each and every coffee bean before it reaches someone’s cup. They belong to the farmers, growers, and producers, without whose tireless work, there would be no Trinidad Coffee Company.

By raising the bar higher and higher and pushing our limits ever further, we not only fulfill the obligations we owe to those whose efforts give rise to ours, but in doing so, we honor our promise to Trinidad Coffee Company’s customers: to produce coffees of uncommon quality and exceptional character, crafted with a scientist’s attention to detail and an artist’s soul.
Trinidad Coffee Company's ethically sourced Fair Trade coffee

Trinidad Coffee is Fair Trade
& Rainforest Alliance Certified

As the second-most traded commodity in the world, coffee impacts the lives of many people whose hard work and dedication allow millions to enjoy this wonderful beverage.

Ethically Sourced
Trinidad Coffee Company's Fair Trade certified and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee
Fair Trade coffee
We strive to source coffees that are grown, harvested and produced by workers that earn a sustainable living wage, and enjoy living conditions that most take for granted.
Buy Fair. Be Fair. Fair Trade
By purchasing one of our Fair Trade selections, you can help improve an entire community's day-to-day life. 
Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee
We also seek and embrace coffees that promote biodiversity and ecological responsibility.
The Rainforest Alliance is a growing network of people who are inspired and committed to working together to achieve the all too important mission of conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. 
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