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Every coffee’s personality is influenced by its terroir – the sense of the place from which it comes. Even beans from different slopes of the same mountain range can present vastly unique flavors and characteristics.

So what happens when you gather meticulously selected single-origin coffees and lovingly blend them together? You create a truly one-of-a-kind coffee the likes of which do not occur in nature on their own.

Concerto is a symphony of extraordinary flavors and exquisite characteristics, soothing in one sense, rousing in another, and altogether profoundly satisfying in a way that is, in a word, Epic(urean).

Taking center stage is a delicate bouquet of leafy herbs, lavender, and peak-of-the- season mango, apricot, and clementine. Dark cacao intermingles among these citrus and floral notes to provide a flavorful contrast and deepen the finish.

Concerto’s bright and zesty profile will have you out of your seat and cheering for more.

ROAST: Light-medium

KEY ATTRIBUTES: Cacao, Lavender, Mango


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