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The world of coffee spans five continents and encompasses a multitude of diverse growing regions, each contributing distinct characteristics that reflect the unique conditions at their source.

Our Outpost blend is all about attitude. Viewing coffee through the eyes of an eager explorer and appreciating coffee without boundaries or preconceived notions. Outpost pays homage to the constant exploration of coffees grown around the globe, be they on opposite sides of the planet, or opposing sides of the same valley.


When we find coffees of uncommon quality and notable character, we establish outposts, if you will, to ensure that we maintain safe passage for these exquisite flavors from origin to destination. It is from these vantage points that we find the hidden gems to add to our treasury of extraordinary coffees.

Our Outpost blend offers warm, comforting notes of creamy chocolate and toffee, melding together with hints of tart cherry and plum to create a lavish coffee experience like no other. Exceptionally balanced and unapologetically rich, this is one selection that should be on your coffee bucket list.


From distant soils to your cup. The journey never ends.

ROAST: Light-medium 

KEY ATTRIBUTES: Cherry, Chocolate, Toffee


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