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Whether in a literary, musical, or other creative context, a prelude serves as an introduction to a body of work. In the case of our Epicurean Series coffees, Prelude is its way of saying, “Hello, world.”


Our Prelude blend does not encompass everything that our Epicurean Series has to offer. No coffee could do that. But it does provide a tantalizing preview of what this compelling collection of coffees aims to accomplish.


Prelude is a bold pronouncement of the eclectic flavors and uncommon characteristics presented by this truly unique series of purposefully blended and masterfully roasted coffee blends. But make no mistake, Prelude is a star in its own right.


Distinguished by its bright blueberry notes and more than subtle hints of brown sugar, Prelude is refreshingly sweet and utterly delightful. With its creamy texture, floral scent, and exotic goodness, we can think of no better representative to set the stage for Prelude’s Epicurean compatriots to shine.


Prelude. We’re just getting started.


ROAST: Light-medium


KEY ATTRIBUTES: Blueberry, Brown Sugar


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